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Good Sense Dogs

Helping People... Helping Pets

About Us    

We believe in the connection between people and pets.  Our mission is to assist the most under-served and at risk populations of Sacramento pet owners to care for their furry best friends in the best way possible, as well as to educate those who have not been afforded the best knowledge and practices for animal care and handling.  Our goal is to improve the lives of people and pets alike.


Good Sense Dogs has four programs that serve the community with an eye towards helping pets and people alike:

  • Our education program, Ahead with Tails, gives communities that are often otherwise without pet care knowledge or resources the tools they need to be capable pet owners and, potentially, with vocational skills to help them in the future.

  • Our rescue, Sensitive Souls, gives critical and terminally ill homeless pet owners an option for permanency for their beloved pets, so they may receive the care they need.  We are partnered with Joshua’s House of Sacramento to receive and care for the animals of their clients.  

  • Our therapy dog program trains, certifies and connects teams to facilities in the Sacramento area looking to have dog visits for their clients and residents.

  • Our outreach program assists the most vulnerable pet owning populations of Sacramento with pet food, equipment, resources and training advice.

Good Sense Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that depends on donations and grants to reach our goals and serve the public.

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Help Us Help Others

Adoption & Education Trailer

Good Sense Dogs is taking care of the pets of the terminally ill homeless of Sacramento. Here’s how you can help!


Displaced Pets of the Deported 

Owners and animals are being separated when owners are forced to leave the country and are unable to take their beloved pets with them.

Good Sense Dogs is helping these pets to live in permanency with people who will love them for the rest of their days.


Sensitive Souls Rescue

As people are moved and housing is temporary or unstable, often the needs of pets are at risk.


Good Sense Dogs is offering assistance to these groups with pet food, equipment, services referrals, and emergency and permanent sheltering of animals.

Service Dogs

Our Service Dog options include training your own service dog, consultations, as well as "started" service dogs.

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